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Adult Orthotics

When illness, injury or disability strikes, the loss of normal function can be a devastating blow to you and your family. You may be unable to move around safely and easily, unable to work or care for yourself or your family, unable to enjoy life to its fullest. When this impairment involves your arms, legs or spine it may be necessary to provide support with an orthotic device, sometimes called a brace. Orthoses come in many styles and materials.

They can be either pre-fabricated or custom made, simple or complex, lightweight or heavy-duty. There are many options and features to consider, and it takes a highly trained individual to properly assess the situation and formulate a plan for the best result. This clinician called an orthotist, and the best orthotists have a high level of education and training. At Sai, Inc. we employ only ABC certified or board-eligible practitioners.

Tamarack Joint self co-align the medical and lateral Joint axes. The unique high strength inner filament core prevents elongation and ensure precise hinging action. For the patients with:
• Foot drop
• Flaccidity at Ankle during support
Available at 3 different sizes


The biased design provides motion assist power similar to traditional metal dorsi-assist ankle joints.
For the patients with:
• Mild/ Moderate Spasticity or Drop foot
• Dorsiflexors Weakness
Available in six different sizes with three durometeres i.e.75, 85 & 95 to provide the amount of motion assistance required for the patients.


The Tamarack variable assist allow the practioner to adjust moments of the joints to any value from zero to nearly three times what is possible with standard installation.
• When greater adjustability or angular range of motion is required
• High plantar Flexure tones (mild contracture) needs gradual corrective adjustment.
• To avoid frequent change of AFO after corrections


Clevisphere ankle joint is a free motion adjustable stop ankle joint that features a spherical wing which can rotate about any axis within a 24 conical range and provides automatic co-alignment of the medical and lateral joint axes. For the patients with:
• Flexible Varus/Valgus position during gait or drop foot.
• Flaccidity at Ankle during support and tibial torsions.
Comes in adult size only.


• Camber Axis Hinge Ankle Joint provides variable range of motion or fixed ankle positioning for patients.
• A durable stainless steel joint that eliminates the need for posterior stops.
• Colour code keys allow variable degrees of control from fixed ankle to limited motion of planter or dorsi flexion.
Available in three sizes.
Can be used at other joint locations.


Scotty is a free motion stainless steel ankle joint.
For the patients with:
• Mild mediolateral instability
• Flexible Varus/Valgus position and foot drop
Available in two size:
780 L – Large with a length of 76mm
780 S – Small with a length of 64mm


Oklahoma is a cost effective method for creating a free motion AFO. When utilized with posterior stop range –of –motion control is added to the AFO.
For the patients with:
• Mild Mediolateral Ankle instability
• Mild Ankle spasticity or Drop Foot
Available in 5 sizes with Polypropylene or Nylon (High Density)



In 1986 inventors started developing a new concept for OA bracing.

The 3-Point Leverage System is born. The theory was that, by adding a valgus bend to a single, medial upright, the upper and lower shells of the brace frame would act as leverage arms when the counter force of a diagonal Dynamic Force Strap® was applied. This would unload weight from the medial compartment of the knee, relieving pain. The first study. After consultation with the medical community, a groundbreaking scientific study examining the efficacy of
lateral and medial hinge placement for treating medial OA was conducted. This study ultimately concluded that medial valgus bracing resulted in significant reduction of pain. With a scientifically proven method and patents in place, these new custom knee braces were launched. Quickly, this viable option for treating unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee gathered momentum. Eventually, lateral hinge placement was used to treat lateral compartment symptoms.By the mid-‘90s, the new Unloader brace was being used around the globe and the name Unloader became synonymous with OA knee bracing.

The latest technology: Unloader One. Unloader One is the most signficant re-design of the Unloader concept since its inception. Available in both custom and OTS models, Unloader One offers a unique twist on the traditional 3-Point Leverage System. The brace has a flexible upright and Dual Dynamic Force Straps disperse the counter force across two points of contact. With a racheting Dynamic Force Control System and padding that features Ossur Sensil® Silicone Technology Unloader One offers superior unloading power and minimum risk of migration. The Unloader One has been streamlined to half of its former weight while increasing the unloading power and improving comfort and compliance.



the fundamental component of unloader osteoarthritis knee braces is the 3-point leverage system, which consists of a single upright plus diagonal dynamic force strapstm.



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