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Hip Disatriculation Prostheses

The various amputation in the hip area, such as such as the intertrochnteric amputation, the hip disarticulation and the hemipelvectomy are fitted with pelvic prostheses. If, because of accidents or tumors, a more distal amputation level is not possible, a prosthesis of this type is indicated. As opposed to a "true disarticulation" in the hip joint area, in this case, an amputation is performed in the upper portion of the femur with proximal sections of the femur retained.

If one pelvic half must be partially or completely removed, it is called a hemipelvectomy. In this case the conditions of support and encasement are especially difficult. By removing the ischial tuberosity the sitting area is lost, and due to the lost of the os ilium the encasement surface decreases so that the lower thoracic area may require enclosure by the pelvic socket. In the case of hemipelvectomies, not only are the organs of motion involved, but often artificial outlets for the bladder or intestine are required, making orthopedic technical fitting even more difficult.

In case of hip disarticulations the distal end of the residual limb area is loadable, so that the plaster negative can be molded according to the patientís contours during weight bearing. The connection for the hip joint is already integrated in the pelvic socket of lamination resin. Different hip joint constructions are available, which can be combined with suitable knee joints depending on the patientís activity level.


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