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Ped Orthotics

Hind-foot control consists of orthoses that control the hind-foot and mid-foot position to provide a stable base of support.

Hindfoot Control Orthoses

Sub-Mo Open
Recommended For:

  • Correctable subtalar instability

  • Excessive pronation secondary to musicle laxity

  • Bony or sensitive feet requiring a soft interface to cushion bony prominences

Not recommended For:

  • Server mid-foot instability

Sub-Mo Wrap
Recommended For:

  • Correctable, subtalar and mid-foot deviations

  • Excessive pronation secondary to muscle laxity

  • Pre-walkers and new walkers needing precise foot alignment to improve balance and functional skills

Not Recommended For:

  • Patients  needing more proximal control to correct alignment

Supra Melleolar Orthosis (SMO)
Recommended For:

  • Significant forefoot, mid-foot, and subtalar instability

  • Global foot deviations due to low or high tone

  • Foot deviations that interfere with stance and balance

  • Young children with significant foot instability that need free dorsiflexion and plantarflexion for crawling, pulling to stand, and squatting


SMO’S (Supra Mulleolar Orthosis)

SMO increase mechanical control, especially in the coronal plan Limited control in saggital plane.

Improved Efficiency

Children who pronate a great deal of energy through their feet, legs and upper body in an attempt to counter imbalances caused by pronation related instabilities. When worn, the SPORC Design system helps to stabilize the foot and ankle, which reduces the need for extensive balance compensation. The energy that was expanded through maintaining balance can now be redirected toward endurance.

Increased Stability

While there are many different types of orthoses that attempt to correct low tone Pronation, only the SPORC Design system uses the unique, patented principle of compressing the foot into neutral alignment. The SPORC Design system is made of an extremely lightweight and flexible plastic, which allows the pressure to be evenly distributed around the foot, creating a type of hydrostatic compression within the walls of the SPORC Design system .This truly dynamic concept allows for more natural movement of the foot and ankle while still maintaining proper alignment through standing, walking and running.

Better Alignment

Excesive pronation puts undue stess on the knees and hips by changing of the alignment of the lower extremities. This can be the source of decreased endurance and the “tired legs” complaint often heard from children who pronate. The SPORC design systemhelps to stabilizw the foot and ankle, which helps to relieve the stress from the knee and hip joints.

More Fun

Because of the unique, patented trimlines of the SPORC Design , more physical activities are now attainable for your child. Squatting, jumping, and running makes playtime more fun!

More Natural Development of Balance Reactions

Traditional rigid bracing creates a hard barriers between the foot and floor. This rigid barriers reduces the ability of joint receptors to function normally, and in turn, inhibits the natural development of balance reactions. This has increased the reluctance of many physicians and physical therapists to recommend bracing for children with low muscle tone. The unique properties of the thermoplastic used in the fabrication of the SPORC Design system allows the foot to move naturally without restricting intrinsic movements. This facilitates the development of balance reactions and the intrinsic musculature of the foot.


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