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Spinal Orthotics
Boston brace (TLSO)

Miami j® Cervical Collar

Known as the superior c-spine immobilizer on the market through multiple independent studies, the Miami J Collar’s Patented design meets the specialized needs of all those afflicted with cervical injuries.

The Miami offers features that enhance compliance and help speed recovery while ensuring immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown and patient comfort.

  • Sorbatex™ padding is antibacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth, which enhances comfort and helps assure patient compliance.

  • Bio-engineered to minimize pressure points in key areas; chin, occiput, trapezious and clavicle.

  • Sizing based on 6 phenotypes to assure proper fit and optimum immobilization.

  • Comfort adjustment buttons for occiput and mandible, removable sterna pad for supine and swallowing.

Miami JR®

  • Innovative Collar designed exclusively for children 12 and under

  • Four true Pediatric sizes ensure optimal airway and the upper cervical spine immobilization

  • Sized according to the Broselow – Luten Color –Coding System Occian® AirWay PAD™ for appropriate positioning and the Lil’Angel MR –Safe Halo System


  • Provides more control than a collar alone can provide

  • Innovative device designed to treat cervical and thoracic injuries

  • Patented design with floating back permits maximum immobilization without the risk of compensatory motion

  • Snap on and off without any tools

  • Sorbatex padding is antibacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth, which enhances comfort and helps assure patient compliance


  • Securely and gently immobilizes the head and spine in the proper anatomical airway and spinal alignment.

  • Occipital shape protects against positional plagiocephaly

  • Allows for continued intimacy between caregivers and child

  • True cervical spine immobilizer for infants up to 3 months


  • The industry’s only MR – Safe halo system

  • The only halo clinically proven to eliminate the risk of dangerous scalp burns resulting from halo pin heating phenomena

  • Glass composite ring and ceramic –tipped pins are non-conductive and induce no dangerous current flow

  • MR images are clear and artifact-free


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