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Oswald Vaz

I would to thank you for the new KAFO that you have made for me. I feel great using it.

When I first came to you for the new KAFO, I thought that you would just prepare a KAFO (like other) and give me. But you discussed with me about my leg, understood my problem and explained to me what type of KAFO will suit my requirement perfectly. The best thing that I like about this KAFO is that can wear normal shoes without increasing sole on the outer part of the shoe.  The KAFO that I had earlier (done from other company) did not give me the flexibility to wear normal shoe. I had to buy normal shoes from the market and then take it to a cobbler to increase the sole of the left shoe so that I could use it, which was a headache. But since you compensated the height of my short leg in the KAFO itself, I am able to wear normal shoe without modifying it.

Earlier when I was using my old KAFO, most of the people that I met and especially children, used to ask me the question “WHY YOUR LEFT LEG SHOE IS BIGER THAN THE RIGHT LEG?” Finally now, I will not have to hear nor have to answer this question in the future.

It’s been just few weeks now since I am using the KAFO made by you and I have already received comments from the people who see me regularly saving that “you are walking straight now with this new KAFO. It’s is very nice.”

The only thing that remains of a concern for me with new KAFO is the locking system, I still have to get a hang of the gear locking system, as I am very used to the collapsible locking system.

Manik Motwani

Age:- 31 Year / Male
Raigarh / Chhattisgarh
Using:- Rx Below knee prosthesis with seal in liner with reflex rotate flex foot, sporc (Mr. Pankaj) has made such a difference in my life. Doing Jumping, Running, Dancing etc.

Apurva Joshi  
Shri Krishna Purushottam Sathe Deepak Karmarkar
Subhash Jadhav Tanaji Salave
Gopal Chitrakar Bindu Hingwala

Rajesh Patil
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