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Different prosthetic construction are used for fitting transtibial amputations (also known as below knee amputations). In general, a distinction is made between transtibial short- prostheses and convential prostheses with thigh sleeve and side joint bars, the latter having lost importance due to advanced techniques of residual limb encasement. Their use has been limited to patients with short residual limbs, knee injuries, malfunctions (for example, due to palsies or false positioning). In many case , combination with a tuberosity seat may be indicated to provide relief.

Short –prostheses, such as constriction and atrophy of the joint bars, limitation of knee joint movement, missing full contact, etc. An important prerequisite for successful fitting is the accurate encasement of the residual limb, generally provided with a plaster model-based contact socket that covers the condyles. The same applies to biomechanical alighment.

Great demands are made on the fit and function of the transtibial socket due to the small amount of soft tissue - which the prosthetist may accommodate through the use of various application techniques and materials.

Transtibial Swimming Prosthesis

This type of prosthesis made of lamination resin is designed as a water-resistant walking aid. The pros-thetic shin, with or without soft liner, is fabricated with a total contact socket and supracondylar sus-pension.

A special feature of transtibial short-prostheses is the removable thigh sleeve (Fig. 122), which is opened dorsally.

The thigh sleeve of lamination resin (a) with side mounted joint bars (b) is connected to the short-prosthesis
(d) with the below-knee band (c) (Fig. 122). This construction compensates for lateral forces exerted during sports or other activities.


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