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Upper Extremity Orthotics

Sometimes we take for granted the use of our fingers, hands and arms and forget how critical they are to our success in both work and play. If you experience persistent aches or can’t use your arm and hand as before, you may feel depressed and uncertain about what to do. Pain, overuse and fractures can disrupt your life, and if not treated properly can lead to chronic pain and even a secondary injury.

Upper extremity orthotics describe orthoses, braces and supports designed for the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand and can be used for a range of needs from stability to immobilization and include three main areas of orthoses: Upper extremity soft supports, upper extremity positional supports and upper extremity fracture orthoses.

Upper Extremity Soft Supports : Often referred to as soft goods, these orthoses include those braces that are fabricated/manufactured from neoprene, canvas, and fabric and can be reinforced with metal/plastic stays for additional support.

Upper Extremity Positional Supports : These orthoses are designed to position the upper extremity, including wrist, arm and shoulder, so as to prevent unwanted contractures, maintain proper alignment, and to provide controlled range of motion physical and occupational therapy.

Fracture Orthoses : The type of the fracture and the location determines what type of orthosis is appropriate. If the fracture site is near a joint it is often common to stabilize above and below the affected area to reduce unwanted motion at the fracture site.


  • Lightweight low profile design

  • 20% less circumferential bulk than other brands

  • More room at base of the thumb, palmar crease and 5th MP for full MP flexion

  • Contoured for an anatomically correct fit

  • Designed to provide smooth controlled resistance to extreme range of motion

  • Provides radial and ulnar styloid relief

  • "Soft touch" web space is cushioned and 40% thinner than other brands

  • Interior is 3-dimensionally molded to enhance comfort


  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Tendonitis


  • Patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit

  • Extremely breathable Lycra-lined interior

  • Lightweight durable fabric construction

  • Contoured along distal palmar crease to allow for 90 M.P. flexion

  • Precisely sculpted narrow web space prevents pinching

  • V-notch at fifth M.P. to allow for palmar spread Removable/adjustable palmar stay

Add hot/cold therapy to your form fit wrist brace
Simply add an "E" before the part#
Protected by U.S. Patents 5,334,135;4,,913,755; Re. 35,113
Patent #:5,695,452;5,713,837


  • Patented Form Fit 3-dimensional molding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit

  • Effective long-term immobilization and protection

  • Adjustable radial and palmar stays

  • Adjustable design for customized fit Exceptional comfort


Gamekeeper's Thumb, DeQuervain's Tendonitis, post cast healing, selected scaphoid injuries and soft-tissue injuries


Ossur’s Universal Thumb Spice delivers improved clinical outcomes through functional designs. In addition, we helps you reduce your inventory which improves your business outcomes.

  • An adjustable strap pod provides universal sizing from XS to XL

  • Thumb fastener adjust size and fit of the brace

  • Stretchable Lycra tongue on the dorsal side leads to simple and comfortable application for the injured thumb

  • Middle, circumferential strap wraps completely around the wrist for superior support & compression

  • Breathable foam and lining reduces heat in the brace


Gamekeeper’s Thumb, DeQuevain’s Tendonitis, post cast healing, selected scaphoid injuries and soft –tissue injuries


  • Reduced your inventory

  • Fits right Or left hand

  • Adjustable and reversible stay

  • Superior fit and comfort

  • Great compression and support


Tendonitis, selected injuries, post cast healing and soft tissue injuries


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